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Mail POP3/SMTP Faqs

Our Mail faq is designed to answer any questions you may have regardomg pop3 / smtp mail. If you can't find your question here, feel free to send an email to support@web101.com.au.

We ask our customers to download and delete their email off the mail server regularly. If a mailbox has not been checked/accessed for 6 weeks it will be deemed abandoned and the contents will be cleared.

    What email features does each plan offer ?
Mail Features
 Features Trial Basic Premium Gold Platinum Enterprise
E-Mail Forwarding /Aliases 0 20 50 70 100 200
Autoresponders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple POP3 Accounts 0 100 100 100 101 191

    How do I create and use a mailbox ?
    You will first need to create a mailbox (POP3 account) through the members area, under the "Mail Management" option. Once you have done that you should end up with settings similar to the ones below which you would use to configure your mail program.

Server Information
Incoming mail server (POP3) - mail.web101.com.au
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - Your ISP's smtp server

Login Information
User Name: - MailboxID (abcd001) or UserID [Master POP3 Account]
Password: - The password you picked when you created your mailbox

    Where do I log-in or find more information about WebMail ?
    You can log-in here. An FAQ is viewable here also.
    What is POP email ?
    Setting up a POP email account creates an actual mailbox, where your mail is stored on the server. To read and download your mail you either use an email client such as Outlook Express(where email is downloaded to your PC) or you can use the WebMail facility through your web browser.

This differs from an email alias/forwarding mail account whereby the mail is stored on the server rather then forwarding to another location, which is what the email alias would do ...more...
    What is a Master POP account ?
    A POP mail address is automatically created for you when your hosting account is first created. The master POP is your_member_name@yourdomain.com. You can retrieve mail for this address by using the same login details for your hosting account - what you would use to access the members area.
    What is email forwarding/email aliases ?
    Email aliases simply forward email to an existing email account. So you could have me@mysite.com being forwarded to your_mailbox@yourISP.com for example.

Please note, you cannot have an alias and POP mail of the same name, as the POP will take priority and the email will not be forwarded.
    Can I have an alias and POP account of the same name ?
    No, you cannot have an alias and POP mail of the same name, as the POP will take priority and the email will not be forwarded.
    What is a wildcard address ?
    The wildcard address is the "catch-all" address for your account. This means that any email that is sent to your domain, that is not already setup to be a POP mailbox or email alias, will be sent to the wildcard address for your account. This allows you to catch any mis-spelt emails for your domain.

You can disable this feature through the members section, under the configure mail option.
    What are autoresponders ?
    You can set email autoresponders on existing POP accounts. Autoresponders can automatically reply to messages while you are absent or if you have a standard response for your clients (e.g. "Thankyou for your message and we will reply soon" etc). These can be configured through the members area under the Mail section.
    Do you have email redirect facilities ?
    Yes, this is under our email forwarding / email aliases section ...more...
    I get this error message in Outlook...
The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was
rejected by the server. Server response: '550(email@address.com)...
relaying denied'. (Account 'myAccount'. SMTP Server.
'mymailserver.com', Error Number: 0x800ccc79).
    This error usually occurs when the email client has not been correctly configured for SMTP.
You should contact your ISP to find out what their smtp server is and whether or not they require that you setup your mail client for smtp authentication.

Also, ensure any secure, encryption or "SPA : Secure Password Authentication" options are disabled.
    Why can't I send email ?
    There could be a few reasons. Firstly check that you have your account settings correct and you have followed the mail client specific setup instructions in our support section. You may also double check that your internet connection is still active.

If you are sure your details are correct then you should contact your ISP to check if their smtp server is operational.
    Why can't I receive email ?
    There could be a few reasons. Firstly check that you have your account settings correct and you have followed the setup instructions in our support section.

  • check that your internet connection is still active.
  • ensure that you have created the email account on the server, through the members area. It needs to be a POP mailbox.
  • check that you are using the correct account name. It should be of the form "aaaa0001" or similar. You can check what it should be by viewing your settings here
  • if it is a newly created address, the server needs up to an hour to create your new mailbox.

If you are sure your details are correct, you can send an email to our support department. Make sure you include your account name, which email address is not working and any error messages you are getting.

    What are MX Records ?
    MX Records point to the mail server that is responsible for the receipt and delivery of your email. By default Web101 handles your email. Though you can specify your own mail server in this facility if you have a server setup to send & receive email. Note: Do not change these settings if you do not know what you are doing. Doing so may cause email to be permanently unretrievable.
    Can I use Web101's facilities to spam ?
    Definitely not! All SPAM reports are taking seriously and could result in your account being suspended and any appropriate legal action taken.
    How can I reduce spam ?
    There a few tips for reducing your SPAM.

  • Only give your email address to websites you trust.
  • Replying to SPAM is not always a good idea, as the spammer will now know that they have an active email address.
  • You may want to setup your spam filter rules. For information regarding filter rules visit our spam filtering guide in the support section.

You can also find some tips at :

Most mail clients now have mail filtering options where you can reject mail based on certain conditions and also automatically delete email that is from a known spamming address. Check your mail client help section for further information.

    Can I have email@domain1.com and email@domain2.com in the same hosting account ?
    Yes, if you have multiple domains mapped to your account, the email properties will be shared across all domains.

i.e. sales@domain1.com, sales@domain2.com, sales@domain3.com will all follow the mail setting you have created for "sales" - being either a POP or email alias.
    Can I forward the same email to multiple mailboxes ?
    Currently, an email alias can forward to one mailbox. Sending to multiple addresses will be a new feature we hope to offer in the near future.
    What is a Mailbox ID ?
    The Mailbox ID is a unique name for your mailbox on the server and is usually similar to aaaa0001. This is the account name you will use in your email client for you incoming mail details.
    How do I change my mailbox 'aaaa0001' to a more meaningful name ?
    Each POP mailbox needs to be a unique value, that is why your POP mailbox ID takes this unusual form. As this needs to be unique, this cannot be changed.
    What is my mailbox space allocation ?
    The current mailbox quota is 25MB. The usual method is that email messages are downloaded to your PC, so your mailbox should be a reasonable size.
    Can I increase my mailbox quota or space ?
    Additional mailboxes and storage space is available as an add-on product. Mailboxes are offered in quantities of 5 while mailbox storage is available in units of 50mb. Refer to Hosting Add-ons in the Member Services section.
    What is the maximum attachment size ?
    Our mail attachment limit is set to 12MB, which is generous considering most ISP's only allow 1 - 2MB attachments.
    Which mailbox do I receive all my notices/renewals from Web101 ?
    You will receive receipts, renewal notices etc to the contact email address you have set for your account. You can check this under the "Mail Management" area in the members section.
    Can I change the email address that I receive all account related material from Web101 ?
    Yes, you can change your contact email address through the members area, under Mail Management.

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