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Email Client Spam Filter Setup Guide
for Microsoft Outlook Express

The following guide will show you how to setup the spam and virus filter for the Microsoft Outlook Express email program. Your requirements dealing with Spam may vary to what is illustrated here.

Setup Guides also available for Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, MacOS & Webmail.

Setting Up Microsoft Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express and go to Tools --> Message Rules --> Mail.
outlook express message rules

This will bring up the message rules dialog. Click on the New... button to create a new message rule.
outlook express new message rule

1. (Select the Conditions for your rule:)
Check 'Where the Subject line contains specific words'.

2. (Select the Actions for your rule:)
What would you like done with the questionable email? There are a few options.

Move it to a specified folder
Highlight it with color
Delete it from server

We ask that you do not leave Spam (or legitimate email) on the server as it will cause congestion over a period of time and result in sluggish mail services for everyone.
outlook express new mail rule

3. (Rule Description:)
Click on 'Subject contains specific words' and enter 'Spam Score sssss' (Note: number of 's' characters refers to the Spam score threshold. The more 's' characters the higher the severity of the email being considered Spam. Refer to the above Spam scoring table.)
outlook express spam score rule

If you selected 'Move it to the specified folder', click on 'specifiedoutlook express move spam mail

Select the folder you would like the questionable email to go to. If you do not have a folder, just create one by pressing 'new folder' and enter a name for it. Select it and press the OK button. Press OK again. outlook express create new folder

Your rules will now be effective the next time you download your email in Outlook Express.


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